Writing Samples

While I'm an art director first, I have a strong writing background and have operated as lead creative on a number of campaigns and pitches where needed, which often included script, manifesto and other types of writing. Here are a few of my favorites.

Lay's debuted their latest flavor campaign by incorporating four unique international flavors - chips that are popular in other countries. but were previously unavailable in the US. The assignment was to create a :30 TV spot that previewed all four flavors and their origin countries, along with touching on the points and prizes being built into the campaign, in a fun and visually compelling way. My concept focused on using the chips, bags and flavors themselves to create a unique and stunning international journey, using a well-known, catchy tune with humorous lyrics to create an intriguing and memorable campaign spot. It continues to be one of my favorite scripts.

Agency: Deep Focus

Humorously emotional ballad sung to the tune of American classic “This Land is Your Land.”  Tune speeds up with increasing bravado throughout song. 

Slow pan over rolling fields of grain and mountain ranges, a wide desert and lush forests, all made of potato chips, flavor cue ingredients and the Lay’s global flavor bags.

VO: You’ve asked for flavors, from other places, And so we’ve done it, cue happy faces,

Pan over foodscape of India - the turrets of the Taj Mahal are made out of  Lay’s Tikka Masala bags.

First up is India, we’ve brought you Tik----ka, That’s right, Masala as a chip. Crunch.

Pan over foodscape of Greece - Tzatziki bags and wavy chips are laid out to form the ocean besides the white washed villages of the Greek isles.

We’ve got Tzatziki, yes it is Greek-y. These chips have dill and, they’re oh so wavy

Pan over to foodscape of Brazil - Picanha bags represent the green mountains of Rio in the background of a beautiful beach.

The next’s Picanha, it’s from Brazi---il. It’s tastes like steak, and chimichurri. Crunch.

Pan over to foodscape of China - Szechuan Chicken bags make up sections of the Great Wall of China. 

But wait there’s more, yes - meet Szechuan Chicken,It’s huge in China, and finger lick-in, 

Pull out to reveal the edges of this food world, and the behind the scenes creation of it. A man leans into the scene to place a final chip in the Great Wall to complete the tableau, stands up and smiles as he pulls a chip from one of many Lay’s bags around the table. He bites, smiles and walks off stage as the VO grows and pans over the whole series of foodscapes.

Go out and try them, they’re so de---li---cious. Also, you could win travel themed prizes. Crunch.

Graphic treatment of four bags and CTA animate in.

CTA: With Lay’s Passport to Flavor, the world is your chip. Try all four Global flavors, collect miles, and you could win everyday.

I was brought in on Lay's to concept a full creative program for 2017, including a new tagline, anthem spot manifesto and a variety of program executions. I wrote the chosen manifesto and developed the look and feel for a fun, imaginative direction, and comped all relevant visuals for the client presentation.

Agency: Deep Focus


Here at Lay’s we have a phrase. A way we like to think.

It’s not too long, it’s not a song, we say it with a wink.

It’s simple, but unorthodox, in that we like to say,

In life it’s not about what you win, but simply that you play.

From climbing a tree to surfing at sea, we hope you realize,

That life’s too short to worry, so just embrace the tries.

The tries to make a jello mold, or dance with polar bears.

The tries to reach out to your crush, or pick a million pears.

The tries to catch the biggest fish, or dunk a basketball,

The tries to dye your hair bright green, or any color at all.

‘Cause when the tries become the goal, your day becomes less crummy.

And everything in life has flavor, and you just might discover yummy.

Lay's. Discover Yummy.